Exploring new paths, thinking differently, shaping the progress: The competence of Eisfeld Ingenieure is also a clear commitment to innovation. As part of a nationwide networked knowledge cluster in the areas of statics and construction informatics our company is actively engaging in university research and develops optimised processes in computer based structural planning for the praxis in the areas of structural design and robustness analysis.


The model-based robustness analysis is a competitive-exclusive innovation of the E3P-service spectrum, which originates from a 22 months’ research cooperation with well-known companies and universities.

For the first time valid statements about the reliability of a structure and its robustness against external disturbances can now be made by the structure-FMEA. The new developed methodology yields a consistent and full verification of the robustness based on existing structure properties, which underlines its future importance as a relevant proceeding for monitoring the robustness.