2016 Entry of Claus Albert Köster as Checking Engineer

2017 Appointment of Dr.-Ing. Michael Eisfeld professor SDesign and CAD in Bielefeld

2015 Start of the cooperation planIng

2013 Entry of Dr.-Ing. Volker Kaltofen as Board and testing engineer

2013 75th anniversary of Eisfeld Ingenieure

2013 Completion of the program ConED

2012 Certification to ISO 9001

2012 Relocation of the offices in the Bürgermeister-Brunner-Str.4 at the KS-HBF

2011 First BIM praxis-project “Building Information Modelling” Stadtmuseum Kassel

2010 Entry of Dipl.-Ing. Sven Schauenburg as an procurator

2010 Research project “Structure-FMEA” on the subject of progressive collapse

2009 Conversion into Eisfeld Ingenieure AG

2008 Office relocation to the anterior West on the street called Germaniastrasse 14a

2007 Cooperation with AOS-Dresden in the area of structural monitoring

2004 Entry of Dr.-Ing. MSc Michael Eisfeld in third generation in Kassel

2004 Opening of subsidiary in Dresden

1999 Idea for the program ConEd for structural design

1994 Retirement of Dip.-Ing. Erich Eisfeld from the firm

1980 Accreditation of Dipl.-Ing. Wolfgang Eisfeld as a testing engineer

1971 Entry of Dipl.-Ing. Wolfgang Eisfeld into the engineering firm

1950 Publishing of the book "Weitgespannte Fachwerkbinder"

1948 Accreditation of Dipl.-Ing. Erich Eisfeld as a testing engineer in statics

1939 Wooden box grid carrier roof in collaboration with Egon Bode

1938 Founding of Eisfeld Ingenieure by Dipl.-Ing. Erich Eisfeld in Kassel