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Eisfeld Ingenieure AG
Bürgermeister-Brunner-Str. 4
34117 Kassel

Handelsregister Kassel
HRB 14997
USt-IdNr. 266632506


Dr.-Ing. Michael Eisfeld MSc (Vorsitzender)

Supervisory Board

Dipl.-Wirtschaftsing. Philipp Müller-Donges (Vorsitzender)
Dipl.-Wirtschaftsing. Henning Vetter
Forwarding agent Peter Busse

Rules of Professional Conduct

Regulations of the Technical Chamber of Hesse Fee Structure for Architects and Engineers (HOAI) Hessian Building Regulations (HBO) Information to the Rugulations on Examiner and registered inspector for the Hesse Building Code (HPPVO)

Picture Credits

Dieter Schwerdtle, Stefan Marquardt, Constantin Mayer, Torsten Wiegand, DREIDESIGN, ECO-House International


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